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Special Mystery Shopper Project 2022 at Z.Brothers Chauffeur Service and MICE&more

By November 6, 2022July 3rd, 2024No Comments

In this project, corporate clients and subscribers of the publication acted as secret shoppers: they used the z.brothers personal driver service and provided feedback.

Maria Kelmurzina, Travel manager at Elanco Animal Health

“Inside the car was perfectly clean and had everything necessary for a long and comfortable journey: water, wet wipes, a charging cable, and even chewing gum. When I sat in the seat, I felt completely relaxed and could take a breath. A big thank you to z.brothers for taking full responsibility for the logistics and allowing attention to be paid to other details. I will definitely be recommending this company to other corporate clients.”

Victoria Linkova, Bank Affairs Manager

“The journey took about an hour, the driving was calm, without jerks, with pleasant unobtrusive music (the female driver asked me about this in advance). I felt completely safe, everything as I like. I recommend the service to everyone and, of course, we will include z.brothers in our pool of suppliers.”

Anastasia Mikheeva, Marketing Team Leader, Netwell

“We drove through small mountain serpentine in absolute comfort, as if we were sailing on a boat on a calm river, not driving a car on the uneven roads of Greater Sochi. There were no sudden movements, no rule violations, just a perfect and calm route to the hotel. The chauffeur took us to the main entrance of the hotel, opened the car doors, unloaded our things, and escorted us to the main entrance!”

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