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Z.brothers about the future trends

By April 3, 2024April 4th, 2024No Comments

There is a classification of hotels by star level, restaurants are also divided into categories (for example they give Michelin stars). However, if we are talking about logistics services, there is no classification. There have already been proposals to classify bus transportation. Only this “stardom,” like on an airplane, is mainly distinguished by the comfort of the seats, the distance between them, and the presence of air conditioning.

Cars are also divided into standard, comfort, business and premium classes. Their differences are related to the interior, passenger comfort, and speed capabilities. If the interior and exterior of the car, and the appearance of the driver can be tactilely and visually assessed, then we feel the service by our own internal sensations, by the level of our demands on details, perception of smells, level of intelligence, and emotional state. As you know, any product can be copied, but the hardest thing to copy is a service.

Chauffeur service school

Due to the growth of the tourist flow and business travel to the countries of Asia and The Middle East, in addition to the countries of Europe and the USA, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Saudi Arabia were added to the TOP 10 countries of chauffeur service development. An important task of new markets is to improve the quality of service of personal drivers in premium and business class cars to first class. It is necessary to train drivers in business etiquette, preparation of the interior and exterior of the car, safe and comfortable driving, so that the client is not distracted by anything during the trip (no sudden acceleration and braking, no traces of previous passengers, no foreign odors, etc.). The client should have the impression that no one has ever driven in the car before. The Z.Brothers company has opened its own online service school — ZB Chauffeur Service School, where it trains drivers in international chauffeur service standards.

Last minute

Since 2020, there has been a significant decrease in “sales depth” from 7-14 days to 1-2 days. First of all, this is due to frequent cancellations of business trips during the pandemic and the international political situation. As a result, there is a risk of a decrease in service due to the limited number of high-quality drivers and cars in advance. To solve this problem, Z.Brothers annually expands its partner network around the world, makes secret purchases of the service, conducts driver training, and triple-checks each order in accordance with the checklist of international standards.

Electric cars

In Europe and in the USA, there is a trend towards hybrid and electric vehicles. Among the new products, there are electric cars Mercedes EQE, EQS, EQV. International brands of automakers, including Chinese (Hongqi, Zeekr, VOYAH, etc.), are also actively developing in this direction. SELF-DRIVING CARS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IT technologies are already replacing manual service for processing requests with automatic ones, and unmanned vehicles are also actively developing. The term “self-driving cars” became popular thanks to Tesla. At the same time, today a completely autonomous car does not yet exist, since autonomy presupposes the presence of artificial intelligence capable of learning and adapting. All the codes that control a car are man-made.

Z.brothers geography

Therefore, the development of an unmanned vehicle is directly related to the development of artificial intelligence. Since chauffeur service implies a guaranteed high level of service, at the moment the use of an unmanned service retains high security risks, but Z.Brothers is monitoring all changes and will be ready to fit into the new reality.