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When the Secret Becomes Apparent: A Special Project with Z.Brothers

By June 19, 2023September 25th, 2023No Comments

As you know, the “secret shopper” is an effective research method used both in the context of marketing research aimed at assessing the consumer experience obtained by the client, as well as for solving organizational tasks, for example, to measure the level of compliance with service standards by the organization’s employees.

Transportation company z.brothers once again offers to act as “secret shoppers” for subscribers of MICE&more. The readers of the publication are experienced specialists in their field, so their professional opinion undoubtedly has great importance for further improving services.


Experience of Svetlana Breskina, Head of Business Travel Organization Group of AO “Valenta Pharma”

Immediately after entering the waiting room, I saw the driver with a sign with my full name. The meeting took place, I handed over my luggage to the driver, noticing that he had an umbrella as it was raining in Yekaterinburg that day. Unfortunately, due to the prolonged rainfall, the beautiful Mercedes was not sparkling as I had hoped, but it was very comfortable inside – the driver helped me settle in and loaded my luggage. The comfortable salon, the seat almost like a massage chair – soft, cozy, perfectly clean, the presence of water, napkins, chewing gum, charging devices… everything was as comfortable as possible. Of course, during the journey my phone was constantly ringing with work calls, so the driver completely turned off the music during the conversations, he was polite, I essentially got the feeling of not traveling, but working in a cozy office. Smooth driving, the optimal route (I know the city well) – give an impression of reliability. Upon arrival at the hotel, the driver unloaded the luggage and carried it to a convenient place for me.

Regarding the service: immediately after making the order (transfer from the airport of Yekaterinburg city to the hotel), I received a confirmation by email, and the day before the trip another notification about the upcoming service with the driver’s phone number and car number. My wish: additionally send information via SMS or messenger.


Experience of Ekaterina Ignatova, Chief Specialist for Corporate Communications Gazpromneft-Logistics

A handsome, presentable driver met me at Sheremetyevo airport upon arrival from Kazan. Unfortunately, my plane arrived 15 minutes early, and I had to wait for the driver myself. But such things happen.

The service was excellent, the driver was top-notch, the Mercedes E-class car was in excellent condition. Calm and safe driving style! Light, unobtrusive music during the long trip in Moscow traffic and a bottle of water, which I was dreaming of at that moment.

Recommendation: As a customer of transfer services for our company’s employees, I know that meeting a client at the airport with a sign involves a quite long walk to the parking lot following the driver, so many guests prefer to have a choice and the possibility of meeting the driver on call when leaving the airport.


Experience of Natalia Toriashvili, General Director of the S. Dyagilev International Cultural Center

That day, I returned from Baikal and was rushing to another event. I was running late and very worried that they would start without me. I was immersed in calls. The driver’s correctness pleasantly surprised me. It seemed that we had formed a kind of partnership. Due to the renovation, it was difficult to drive up to the venue. I had suitcases. My colleagues told me that I would have to walk. But the driver calculated everything, drove as close as possible and helped with the luggage. I don’t know, maybe I’m a bad secret shopper, but everything was great, and I am grateful because I was given the maximum assistance, even where I didn’t explicitly ask for it.


Experience of Antonina Koroleva, CEO of marketing agency WM-agency

Due to my professional activities, I quite often host foreign partners in Moscow and each time I face the task of individual VIP transfers. Frankly speaking, I have never been 100% satisfied with the quality of services provided. Z.Brothers is the first experience when there was not a single complaint from my side, as a customer, and from the partners’ side during 5 days of work for 12 hours. Yes, compared to other companies, the prices of z.brothers turned out to be about 10-15% higher, but in my case the cost issue was secondary. The main criterion was quality, as the guests were not just VIPs, but also visiting Russia for the first time.

The fact that I was not overpaying and was indeed “in the hands of professionals” became clear at the very first stage of communication. I was personally guided by Elena Vazyulina, the director of business development, coordinating all processes. And (!) even while on a business trip, she stayed in touch with me, constantly inquiring about the state of affairs. I haven’t encountered such client orientation in a very long time.

I want to talk separately about our driver Stanislav, who was with us throughout the entire stay of the guests. I won’t even talk about his appearance, neatness, punctuality, professionalism as a driver (confident, safe driving, excellent knowledge of Moscow). Stanislav is very knowledgeable, well-mannered, fluent in English, which was very appropriate in the case with foreign partners. At some points, he even acted as a guide, telling guests about this or that landmark that was on our route. My ladies (and the guests were indeed ladies) were delighted, saying that they had never seen drivers of such a high level before. We indeed received an impeccable driver, guide, an interesting (tactful and non-intrusive) interlocutor, and a considerate, attentive person who literally caught all our wishes on the fly in one package. Believe me, working 5 days from 9 am to 9 pm is a long enough period to draw the appropriate conclusions. I wholeheartedly thank z.brothers in the person of Elena and Stanislav. An excellent professional team and simply wonderful people.